Recruiting Services

Retained Search Recruiting:

I only engage with companies for direct hire placements and prefer to work on retainer at 25% of Accepted Annual Salary paid in 3 installments: to initiate, on or before the new hire’s start date, and on/before the 91st calendar day of employment. Contact for a full version of the agreement. All fees are non-refundable once paid. If needed, replacement searches for candidates who leave before the end of their 90th calendar day of employment are conducted for an additional 10% fee of the next Accepted Annual Salary. Replacement Search Fees are due in 2 equal payments: start date and 91st day.

*Discounts applied for multiple concurrent searches or applied to subsequent searches if initiated within 30 days of a prior retained search’s start date::
2-4: 20% of accepted annual salary
5+: 15% of accepted annual salary

Contingency Placements:

I will refer known or stumbled upon candidates on contingency for 30% fees due on the new hire’s start date. Because contingent engagements lack your commitment to the process in ways that I know contribute to a stronger probability of successful retention, this option comes with no additional guarantee except the offer to conduct any needed replacement search at a discounted 20% contingency fee. Proactive search efforts are not promised and status updates will not be provided for contingency engagements. This option is simply the terms under which you agree to compensate me for noodle throwing against a job description at my convenience if you want to tap into my network without a mutually exclusive relationship.

Hourly Sourcing/Recruitment Assistance and Consulting:

For process-oriented recruiter subbing or supplemental support to in-house teams for specialty searches, my services are offered for agreed upon time for dollars effort with no guarantee of outcomes. Prices are discounted for volume when paid in full in advance:
$6000 = 30 hours  (minimum hourly engagement accepted)
$7500 = 40 hours
$14,000 = 80 hours
$20,000 = 120 hours
$24,000 = 160 hours
$40,800 = 480 hours
*Contact for additional pricing options

Freelancer Referrals:

I do not typically payroll contractors on behalf of clients. On rare occasion, I will engage in freelance referrals for existing clients or as part of my Seeker coaching. Typically unless engaged on a prepaid hourly basis by a Sourcer,  all freelance referrals are handled as a Seeker relationship described above and the contractor bills the hiring company directly with an agreement to pay my commission.