It’s who you know…

Since 2001, Creative Know-Who has been a trusted source for recruiting top design, UX, content and product management talent in Atlanta and around the Southeast.  I built this trademarked brand on personal relationships and the principle that great recruiting experiences start with great relationships. Beginning November 2017, I refocus the content here to celebrating some of my favorite creative people and organizations while discussing the value of building intentional and lasting know-who networks.

Please see the Recruiting Services under the I Need to Hire section to learn how to engage my help sourcing talent, or complete Introduce Yourself form under I’m Looking for Work. If you want help with your job search strategy beyond just making yourself known, you can also visit consultsherra.com to see learn more about my coaching and consulting. Visit my LinkedIn profile for more background information but please only ask to connect on LinkedIn if we’ve already connected by phone or in person.


Sherra M. Bell
400 W Peachtree St NW
Unit 2306
Atlanta, GA 30308


*Cover image credit: William Bout on Unsplash